About Us

When it comes to BBQ… Why Wendel’s?

Wendel BBQ began near the small town of Fort Recovery, Ohio in the home of Terry and Cathy Wendel along with their children: Kendrik, Reece, Mara and Chase. The family enjoys the outdoors and barbecuing together all year round. Terry has always enjoyed experimenting with different seasonings and sauce flavors which led to the development of the Wendel BBQ Products Signature BBQ Sauce and Rub! The Wendel BBQ Rub can be used as a stand-alone rub for all types of meats or all-purpose seasoning for all your BBQ needs. It can also be paired with our Signature BBQ Sauce to take your backyard barbecue to the next level. We are excited to be able to share our family’s favorite flavors, techniques, and BBQ equipment with others that enjoy the same family togetherness and wonderful BBQ that we have for years. The next time you think BBQ think Wendel BBQ Products!

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